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Short term management, or warehousing & merchandising for the Xmas spike, we have you covered.

No matter what you are looking for, it always works by giving us a call. Whether it be maternity/paternity cover, a specific project or a seasonal spike in orders, assessHR is ready to help.

Seasonal Workforce

Christmas is coming! And if you are in Distribution or Retail, Christmas means you will likely be short-staffed.

From first hand experience,  existing temp agency solutions frequently create more problems than they solve.  Poorly screened candidates often fail to perform to the standard required,  requiring additional work for you to train or replace.


We have been in the IT industry since 1987, which means we know people that have grey hair, & no hair, are young, skilled, & keen, maybe they are coming back from overseas, or maybe just want a short-term contract.

We are constantly building a talent pool of resources, pre-screening personalities, skills, and experience, and are standing by to help match the right candidates to your needs.

AssessHR Warehouse Crew will be:

Personality checked, including a screener for Health & Safety Compliance, be Police checked, have completed a Pick/Pack/Consignment Note skills test.

Your warehouse manager will have read all of this and had a pre-recorded video available so they can see/hear them before they agree for them to join your warehouse team.

AssessHR Merch Crew will be:

Personality Checked, including a screener designed for Retail Merchandising, and be Police checked, have completed.

Your Sales Team will have read all of this and had a pre-recorded video available so they can see/hear them before they agree for them to join your Merchandising team.

Our fee is a markup per hour, which decreases the longer the contract. Unlike other temp agencies, we encourage you to hire our team long term and simply apply our assessHR recruitment process if you want to recruit them as permanent staff.

Our Outsourcing Process

Advertise & Provision

  • Let us know specifics of the outsourcing role you’re seeking, including the required number of workers, start date, duration, and any specialized skills (like forklift operation) you need.
  • We will actively promote and market your outsourcing opportunity.

Host & Screen

  • Have a coffee & focus on your business while we review & screen the candidates.
  • We’ll have the candidates who align with your needs and then get them to undergo essential assessments, such as the H&S assesment, personality review, skills test, and a police check.

Review & Agree

  • We’ll provide you with a concise selection of candidates, along with their CVs, police check, personality reports, and video interviews, giving you the opportunity to see and hear them firsthand.
  • All you need to do is review the profiles and decide who you want to work at your business.

Offer, Hire & Induct

  • You are now ready to offer & hire your candidates.
  • For each role, we offer tailored support, which may include organizing inductions, processing the paperwork and providing specific training, such as obtaining a forklift license. This ensures that your new team members are fully aligned with your H&S policies and know what’s expected from day one.