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for Employers

Personality assessments assist in hiring but are equally valuable in improving company performance and culture.

Successful performance in any role is a delicate balance of skills and behaviours. Our extensive range of assessments, sourced from world-leading psychometric test providers, offers you a comprehensive understanding of your team.

Leveraging this invaluable information, will assist in improving teamwork, dealing with performance issues, or assisting in development and succession planning.

Why use Assessments

Types of Assessments

Our Assessment Process

Engage in an Initial Consultation

  • Engage with us to discuss the outcomes you aim to achieve. This could be performance enhancement, team synergy, or strategic succession planning, among others.
  • Once we have a clear grasp of your objectives, we’ll tailor the perfect assessment approach to help you reach those goals.

Provisioning the Assessments

  • We setup the assessments, simply provide us with the list of participants and key stakeholders then leave the introductions and agenda-setting in our capable hands.
  • Next, we’ll email the candidates and follow up with reminders to ensure completion.

Interpret the Results

  • Once we have all the completed assessment, we’ll go through the reports carefully and put together a summary commentary, which we’ll then share with you.

Present your Report

  • We’ll send you an email containing the reports and provide some commentary around your report.
  • Alternatively, we can schedule a 15-minute review meeting to chat about it and address any queries you might have.
  • If an assessment is done as part of candidate job application – the standard recruitment process follows.